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In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. The only owner of the day of Recompense, You (Alone) we worship and You (Alone) we ask for help, Guide us to the straightway, The way of those on whom You have bestowed Your grace, Not of those who earned Your anger, Nor of those who went astray.


 We give special thanks to the people who, one way or another had shared in our activities, may Allah, subhana wa ta’ala,

bless and guide us to the right path, namely:



The Incorporators who gave their time and efforts to organize and establish

Billah Islam Community Organizing and Rural Development, Inc. 


 Islamic Information Center,

which is by then headed by Bro. Ahmed Ricalde and is located at Pasong Tamo, Makati and later transferred to Taft Ave., for agreeing to take the initial project – DISCOVER ISLAM: Posters Exhibit & Symposium at PUP – Manila, and eventually, the succeeding symposium activities until its closure in 2004. Their Islamic propagators furnished lectures at the classrooms and at the exhibit area. They also supplied the Islamic books being distributed for free to students, faculties & visitors of the school. Not to mention, the center shouldered the food of the volunteers who assisted us during the course of the activities. When Bro. Ricalde took his leave, Bro. Ibrahim Mata continued the activity. Bro. Afghani Alonto also supported this da’wah activity in which in his time, it is already in its 3rd year.


Fisabilillah Dawah and Media Foundation,

which was headed by Ahmed Santos. Since the organization seems cannot afford the expenses of the Symposium activities, they however agreed to participate in giving lectures at the exhibit area, which is usually flocked with curious people wanting to know – Who really are the Muslims? The Center also shared some of their Islamic reading materials when IIC ran out of stock.


 Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila.

Through the late friend Efren A. Turla, he gave recommendations to set about with Prof. Romulo Martin of the Center for Human Development, Office of the Vice President, who later forwarded the proposal to Prof. Eric Torres of Human Rights Center for the project – DISCOVER ISLAM. After the death of Prof. Eric Torres, Prof. Flora Arellano took charge. Through the years, there was a change in the school’s administration and now, the project is being taken cared of by Prof. Angelita Sumaway. A proposal of having a Muslim desk, which will, hopefully, culminate to having an Islamic Library, is under way. There’s a big dream that someday, Islamic Studies will be one of the subject being a course taught in the said University.


 Central Luzon State University, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija.

After reading our letter proposal, the President of the University, Rodolfo Andan, advised us to confer with the head of the Organization of the Student Affairs. The head of OSA happened to be a Muslim and there are many Muslim foreigners in the School taking up higher studies and they immediately agreed to our proposal. They even assisted us in the preparation of the program and the venue. The school shouldered our food and accommodation for 5 days composed of more or less 10 people.


 Baluarte, Malimba – Gapan Muslim Community namely: Daud & Fatima Yarte & family, Khalid & Rayhana Patiag & family, Santos-Bolivar family, Idrissalam family, and other Muslim individuals who supported us in our Barangay Symposium and other Da’wah Activities.


 Abdul Jabbar & Mina Sharief & family, Mohammad & Laida B., and Billy Tangurac (died in an accident, may Allah grant him a space in Jannah), for their support in making our da’wah activity a successful one.


 Ofel Arajani, Fatima Jaafar and other Taguig Muslim women

who one way or another shared their support in our da’wah activities.


 Alab Katipunan headed by Leejun De La Cruz.

One of the NGOs we invited to give lecture on the current situation of the country, which is pertinent in the conduct of symposium.



through Abet delos Reyes who introduced us to Wilma Tizon. They give assistance in our advocacy and social consciousness programs.


 PHILIPPINE NORMAL UNIVERSITY Center for Linkages & Extension Services – Taft Ave., Manila, through Prof. RENE C. ROMERO, Professor of Education & Political Science, Presidential Assistant for Special Projects, UNESCO ASPnet National Coordinator. We were assisted by Prof. SERAFIN A. ARVIOLA JR., Coordinator, Academic Linkages Unit and Prof. RONALD ALLAN S. MABUNGA, Director & Associate Professor, to facilitate the program on the project DISCOVER ISLAM – a week on Islamic Awareness & Enlightenment. Prof. NILO ROSAS was so supportive of our da’wah activity that he often graces the opening program every year that we were at the university. Prof. Romero and other professors of the Extension Services were agreeable to the idea of having an Islamic Library and hopefully, Islamic studies as one of the subjects in the schools’ curriculum in the near future.


Islamic Studies Call and Guidance – Philippines

headed by Bro. Jamil Almarez for sharing with us boxes of Islamic reading materials for free distribution at our da’wah activities.


Discover Islam Guidance and Call

headed by Bro. Ibrahim Mata for sharing us boxes of Islamic reading materials for free distribution at our da’wah activities.


Philippine Association of Muslimah - Darul Eeman (PAMDAEI)

through Sis. Huda Lopez who, by Allah’s grace, we get to work with together, to propagate Islam to students & faculties of PUP.


World Islamic Call Society
through Engr. Gamal N. Ahmed who shared us his wealth and we were able to have a new set of frames & tarpaulin posters for our DISCOVER ISLAM activity.


 Bro. Abdurrazak Siddiq of Islamic Mission for Peace, Research & Guidance, Inc. for sharing us his wealth whenever we come to him for Islamic reading materials and other needs for our da’wah activities.


Technological Institute of the Philippines – Cubao, QC.

through Prof. Bro. Abdullah Al Mujahid for inviting us to share What Is Islam & Who Are The Muslims at the school. Many of his students had already embraced Islam even before he invited us to do the lecture.


 Poveda Learning Center – Mandaluyong City

through Prof. Alberto Viharin and with the approval of the H.S. Principal Ms. Lilibeth Alcazar for us to have a 4-day POSTERS EXHIBIT & SYMPOSIUM although it is an exclusive school for girls. We have 3 simultaneous lectures for 1st & 2nd year on the first 2 days. The remaining days were spent giving free Islamic pamphlets to students, teachers and even guards of the school.


Mansur P. C. – for processing some of our film documentation

Mannix & Mona P. – for processing our film documentation

Dave & Amina DV – for sharing us their wealth so we could go to the symposium

Mujahid & Rayyan E. – for being our camera man

Ibrahim & Nadia K. - for lending us her camera (forever?)

Wali & Hannah V. – for being always supportive of our da’wah activities


 Ali Khatani of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia for always filling our stomach every time he visit the exhibit. Not to mention, the books he brings with him for distribution.


 Anak Mindanao Partylist – Congressman Mujiv Hataman

for his endless support in our activities. Equally supportive are his staff ISSA TOM DEL MONTE who represent Congressman in case he is not available, AMY SANGCOPAN, the Chief of Staff, who always avails herself and accommodates us whenever we visit their office, together with the rest of his staff.


 Young Moro Professionals Network through Baibonn Sangid who, despite her hectic schedule, finds time to visit and see what’s going on at the exhibit and at the symposium at the university.


 AL-NISA (Women of Islam Organization)

for being supportive of our da’wah activities


 Special mention is given to Daee & Daeeyah who unselfishly shared their

God-given talent and energy to make our da’wah activities possible:

Ahmed R., Ahmad J., Muammar A., Eisa J., Muhammad Amin, Omar L., Suhaib S., Yusof L., Abdul Fatah Z., Wael Ibrahim al Masry, Mikhail Abdul Aziz, Nashir C., Abdul Maksoud D., Omar P., Mariam A.R.-M., Fatimah Thez, Fatima KD., Shaida P., Rayhana G., Salima G., Fatima N. and many other brothers & sisters who patiently answered questions of curious spectators at the exhibit area.


 For participating in the exhibit area –

 Khalid Gorospe., Qais Mascarinas., Alian ibn Fatimah, Muslimin, Ali M. Abdullah and other brothers and sisters in Islam.


 Jeanneth (Jannah) Cabasal for designing our website


 Mindanao Research Institute – Center for Moderate Muslims

headed by Comm. Taha Basman who shared us his wealth and in so doing, we were able to have more tarpaulin posters. He also graced some of our Symposium activities by being one of the guest speakers.


 Office on Muslim Affairs

through Aradelria Belleng who is always supportive of our da’wah activities


 Singapore-Philippines Muslim Friendship through Bro. Munshi Mahmoud and Sis. Mariam Alias who, for a time, supported us in our needs on resources and had been sending us box of clothes and books which we have distributed to different Muslim communities in and out of Metro Manila and jails within Metro Manila.


 Ibnu Abbas Islamic Center,

for sharing their tarpaulin posters and Islamic reading materials.


 Marist School – Marikina Heights

through Rogi Mirandilla. They will be having a social studies week and the department decided that it’s a good chance of having POSTERS EXHIBIT & SYMPOSIUM at the same time for the students to learn the true Islamic tradition and Muslim culture.


 Department of Social Welfare and Development

Muslim & Christian Affairs Office – Coach Monitor for ARMM

headed by A/SEC. Ma. Theresa Alano, with her staff – Bayan. Amy, Rose & Tatah who make extra effort of bringing our symposium paraphernalia to the place of activity and returning it back to our office. Not to mention, the accommodation and attention they share every time we visit their office. A/SEC Alano is also one of the personalities who graces the occasion by being one of the guest speakers.


 Bulacan State University – Malolos, Bulacan

through Prof. Angel Recto who invited us to participate in their 101st university anniversary by holding a POSTERS EXHIBIT and be one of the participants of the school’s weeklong activity. We were able to conduct small group lectures at the exhibit area.


Peacemaker’s Circle Foundation – 

 headed by Ms. Marites Guingona-Africa for inviting us in the inter-religious symposium at Miriam College. There are other partnership with the said organization such as medical missions and other Muslim-Christian peace team.


 Asian Academy of Business and Computer –

through Bro. Roque Yusof Ali Morales for being one of the guest speakers at the latest Symposium at PUP - 2006.


Aliah Barcelon

Jerome & Amina

Ainie Disomangcop

For participating in the exhibit area and assist in the best way they can.


Tanay Muslimah Community

through Amani Casimiro and Norjannah Macadato who shared us their wealth and time for making our activities possible.


 Nur Salem & Rayhana Garrido

Riza Barghout

for sharing us their wealth thereby making our da’wah activity possible.


 Umm Ashraf & Family

for assiduously delivering our food for the past years, which makes us go through the days until the activity is over.


 Bro. Rex Dimacuta

 who shared us his wealth thereby making our da’wah activity possible.


 Nashir Casten

Mariam Abdull Raheem Molina

the diligent daee and daeeyah who, through fasting and “not-fasting”, through sickness and health, through with fare or “no fare”, they are available to give lectures, successively, for hours, with smiles on their lips after each lecture

… Ma sha Allah !!!


 Bro. Ismael Molina

(with 8 yr. old Muadh & 4 yr. old Mus’ab)

for consenting his wife to actively and diligently propagate Islam, with us, with their compensation, the hope for a reward here on Earth and in the Hereafter, from Allah ta’ala.


 Other Muslim brothers and sisters who had been very supportive of our da'wah activities ... May Allah, subhana wa ta'ala, give you a special place in Jannah.


  Mamang Choleng, who had been very supportive of our activities despite our differences in belief.


 Karen Abrera and husband Itoy Marcelo, who rescued us in our financial predicament on the eve of our scheduled Posters Exhibit and Symposium at Phil. Normal University - Sept. 7-12, 2006.


 Karlo, his wife Athena, and children - Kara, Nigel, Joaquin and Zachary - who had been a continuous inspiration and are supportive of my da'wah activities despite our differences in way of life.


 Ma. Bernadeth Ines D. Biala for designing our website


 PNU-IMEC Community:

Maryam Al-Namit

Sarah Al-Namit

Rahimah Romelyn Suarez

Jadidah Jewel Aica Barcelon

Noura Nour

Pamela Lanete

PNU Arabic Language, Islamic Values and History of Islam students


 The Working Committee:

Mikhail Abdul Aziz P. Abrera - Executive Director

Fatimah Thez D. Dalisay – Admin./ Secretary

Mariam Abdull Rahem Molina – Project Development Officer

Adel Fatimah Nacario – Special Projects

Abdullah Nur & Sarah Ilao

Enrico Omael Khalil Sharif Garcia

Bro. Zakariah Hassan


 Deen Consultant:

Yahya Mohammad Mokhtar



May ALLAH, swt, accept our good deeds, forgive our sins & purify our hearts to gain success in this world & the Hereafter. Ameen!

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